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Useful Links

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Click here to find the CVJS Year 6 summer term planning overview

The summer term overviews (above) have been provided to show you what we would have been learning this term. These are a good place to start when thinking about what to do at home over the coming weeks. As well as an overview sheet, there are additional objectives included for your information. You could use these, if you wish, to research specific topics and subjects in more detail.



Suggested weekly learning projects

The following plans can be used to provide a structure to your weekly work at home. There are online and offline activities that you can do with your child. The work can be recorded on paper or on Google Classroom or simply done verbally. They can be used as a guide, so please do not worry if you can't get through all of the work.

w/c Monday 20th April 2020    Y5/6 Learning Project

w.c Monday 27th April 2020  Y5/6 Learning Project (Under The Sea)

 w/c Monday 4th May 2020  Y5/6 Learning Project (Sport)  

 w/c Monday 11th May 2020 Y5/6 Learning Project (Viewpoints)

 w/c Monday 18th May 2020 Y5/6 Learning Project (Famous Significant People)

 w/c Monday 25th May 2020 Y5/6 Learning Project (Animals)

 w.c Monday 1st June 2020 Y5/6 Learning Project (Around The World)

 w/c Monday 8th June 2020 Y5/6 Learning Project (Music)

 w/c Monday 15th June 2020 Y5/6 Learning Project (Space)

 w/c Monday 22nd June 2020 Y5/6 Learning Project (TRANSPORT)

 w/c Monday 29th June 2020 Y5/6 Learning Project (FOOD)

 w/c Monday 6th July 2020 Y3/4 Learning Project (CELEBRATIONS)

 w/c Monday 13th July 2020 Y3 - Y6 Learning Project (TRANSITION)


Maths resources

At CVJS, we use a maths resource in our lessons called White Rose. During this time of school closure, White Rose have prepared some weekly maths lessons that can be used at home. These are great resources to use as they start with a video for each mathematical concept being covered. There are accompanying questions and answers too.  Summer term plans will be uploaded on a weekly basis:


     w/c Monday 6th July

Video Lessons:    Mon  Tues  Weds  Thurs  Fri

Lesson sheets:    Mon   Tues   Weds  Thurs  Fri

Lesson answers:  Mon   Tues  Weds  Thurs  Fri



    w/c Monday 13th July

Video Lessons:    Mon  Tues  Weds  Thurs  Fri

Lesson sheets:    Mon   Tues   Weds  Thurs  Fri

Lesson answers:  Mon   Tues  Weds  Thurs  Fri



For some warm-up activities, try these ArithmeQuiz online activities. There's no need to write down the answers as they are designed to be used for quick-fire questions. For each quiz, there are multiple questions for each type of calculation.....thousands of mental maths questions at your fingertips!

 ArithmeQuiz 1

 ArithmeQuiz 2

 ArithmeQuiz 3


English resources

As well as the ideas contained in the weekly Learning Projects (above), one of the best ways to do some English work at home is to use a resource called Pobble. It is really simple to use - but very effective as a teaching and learning tool. There is a new picture every day. This picture is used as a basis for the day's work in English. There are questions to ask, sentences to write and stories or other extended writing to do. A FAB resource to be used at home as a daily English lesson.


Y6 statutory spelling list

Other resources

The booklet below has a whopping 104 pages! It has a range of activities that can be completed independently by children at home. The answer booklet (a mere 4 pages!) is included too. This might be a good idea to keep children occupied during the Easter holidays. It is aimed at KS2 - so can be used by all children from Year 3 to Year 6.

KS2 Workbook                    Answer booklet

 E-Safety (for children)      E-Safety (for adults)

BBC Dance Mat (Touch typing)

Jo Wicks daily PE lesson (9am weekdays)

CVJS Home Learning website (A range of online learning resources)

Home Learning resources (A HUGE bank of online resources covering all subjects)